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Company Background

Micro-Robotics is a Cambridge-based company that has designed and manufactured embedded control systems since 1986. In that time our hardware and software expertise has been used in hundreds of different applications. Micro-Robotics: building photo


Micro-Robotics has been an employee-owned business since 1997. We are run by engineers, for engineers ‒ and it shows: a range of high quality, engineering-led products and a business structure oriented towards steady, rather than rapid, growth.

What is special about Micro-Robotics?


Micro-Robotics specialise in the design and supply of embedded control systems to industry.

We provide a development process that starts with fast turnaround and low investment and moves to the required volume of production once design and market are proven.

To this end we produce a range of general-purpose single board microcontrollers that are well suited to fast development cycles in low and medium scale manufacture.

Additionally, our Design Service people can take customer projects from prototype design to high volume production. We can build one-off designs or production runs of many thousands.


Registered in England and Wales No. 3983610

VAT number GB 393 2883 17